Content Management, Client Area and E-commerce

 Over the years, we have developed various Content Management Systems, for a wide range of businesses. Projects include websites for Supa Strikas, Sturrock Shipping, Media24 and Caltex.

We’ve had a long association with Webfactory and have worked on various content management and client-area systems over the years. Some of these include:

Our legacy system WNN still provides basic news and CMS services to sites such as the District Six Museum.

We create our content management systems with context-sensitive ‘Edit’ links that appear to authorised users making it almost as easy to edit the site as it is to browse it.

We’ve developed many custom tools that fulfill requirements for newsletter sending, client document management, personal information databases, syndication, image management, invoicing, payment gateways and surveys & questionnaires.

We make use of various third party open-source tools such as Image Magick, PDF utilities and ffmpeg to ensure that our content updaters don’t spend unnecessary amounts of time fighting with dimensions and file formats.

More recently together with Supa Strikas we’ve developed the backend and comic-browsing interface for the site.