eCapture is a unique new electronic survey platform that we developed for our client OutprosysOutprosys is a leading document processing and data capture provider.

eCapture allows market research companies to take their existing paper surveys online – and digitally offline. First, scanned images of the survey are loaded into the system. Then using a drag ‘n drop tool form fields are overlayed on top of the images. Quotas are then set up and assigned to different interviewers. The interviewers log in on their laptops, tablets or smartphones and all pages and questions are downloaded for offline use on the mobile browser (no app installation required). The interviewer then hits the road, finds respondents and captures their responses while offline. When online again they upload their captured data and reports are quickly generated in spreadsheeet format.

eCapture is made with a jQuery Mobile user interface. It makes use of the html5 applicationCache and localStorage APIs to allow for offline capturing. The server side is a CherryPy python application with a MySQL database.

For more info and a demo see here: