Emon is a monitoring tool that replaces paper-based logging with an SMS based capturing system. Data capturers out in the field send codes via SMS to the Emon number – 31028. Emon validates and stores the information and provides web and email reports and exports of the data.
Emon stands for Environmental Monitoring and can be used for any kind of manual data capture.
Data is captured by codes that are predefined for each Emon service. This allows many records to be batched together in a single text message.


Emon is currently in use at a number of landfill sites where it is necessary to know the quantity and type of waste. As vehicles arrive at each site, monitoring staff compose an SMS with single letter codes of what kind of vehicle and what kind of waste is arriving. Once they reach the 160 character limit of a text message, they send off the SMS to 31028 and start with a new message. Thus hundreds of records can be captured in almost real time at a cost of less than R10 using any type of cellphone.