iMC – Incident Management & Control

A major problem South African companies have is complying with labour law. The consequences of not doing so are severe; if correct procedure is not meticulously adhered to, the result can be a substantial claim against the employer at the CCMA or labour court. iMC assists managers (and supervisors) to manage staff incidents. The technology makes it possible to do this simply and efficiently.

A fundamental concept of SA labour law is that management of incidents of staff misconduct and incapacity should be progressive and corrective. This requires that each and every incident,  however minor, must be processed correctly and in a consistent manner throughout the organisation. Using traditional methods this is difficult and expensive. iMC offer an affordable and effective alternative.

Think of how Facebook has changed social communication. The key ingredients of simplicity, efficiency and affordability (compared to previous methods) are present in iMC because iMC uses similar technology, but is specifically designed for managing staff incidents.

iMC encapsulates workflows and help for various types of incidents, from attendance (absenteeism and late coming) to theft to poor performance. Whenever an incident arises, the manager  selects the employee from a list of subordinates and then selects the type of incident. iMC provides the manager with help, records all actions and diarises for future actions. Complete details of  past incidents are instantly accessible, including attachments like warning letters, doctor’s sick notes and even recordings of hearings. HR and senior management have oversight so no   matter how large or geographically diverse the organisation is, the hierarchical structure enables exceptional management and strategic analysis of staff performance and trends.

Because prevention is better than cure, iMC can offer substantial savings in lawyer’s fees and labour awards. In addition, iMC improves staff performance. For example, reducing absenteeism by just 1% translates into a direct saving of approximately R10k per 100 employees. The indirect costs can be even greater. iMC is simple to install, easy to learn, is affordable and works with existing HR systems.