LawPracticeZA - or LP for short - is our flagship product. LP is a full practice application for South African lawyers and advocates and helps do all the boring accounting stuff, according to the Legal Practice Act’s rules, as well as according to general accounting practices. It’s also packed with a whole lot of productivity tools to help lawyers, who - bless them - aren’t always the most technically inclined.

Andrew Spagnoletti, Nicholas’ father, is a partner in this project. He’s old hat at legal software in South Africa having founded AJS in 1980 which is still going under different ownership. Andrew was also involved in creating Ghost Practice, which is another product in the space, and where Andrew’s other son Matthew works. (This damn Spagnoletti family is all over legal software in SA!) Having had such a long history has stood us in good stead as we have a uniquely rich understanding of our clients with all their quirks and eccentricities.

LawPracticeZA has a small but loyal and growing userbase and the product gets an enthusiastic response from what is known to be a particularly change-averse market. A number of aspects make us stand out from the competition: we are the only product with transparent pricing, we are able to deliver an unattended full free trial in minutes (self-service) and we are 100% web-based. LP already has extensive coverage in terms of functionality and we are continuously improving and enhancing it with hundreds of code commits a week and often several deployments per day.

With the billing and accounting aspects now in a mature state, we’re working on efficiency tools, more reports and third-party integrations to give small-to-medium law firms the edge they need and deserve. These lawyers are under siege from the large firms and from non-legal service businesses expanding into the legal space. Legal bookkeepers are dying out (for some reason millenials want to be Instagram influencers, not legal bookkeepers!) and those who remain are overstretched and crabbier than ever. Lawyers who use LP are able to deliver a better service to their clients because LP helps automate many things they would otherwise rely on support staff to do. And the support staff who embrace LP are able to achieve a lot more too. It is vital for the modern law firm to work efficiently and with agility, and our modern hosted/cloud system helps do just this.

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