Paper Video

Paper Video

Paper Video delivers high-quality video lesson content for high school learners in South Africa.

We built Paper Video’s video content delivery system, API, online store, sponsor reporting and back-office tools together with iOS and Android apps for high-school learners.

Here are some of the interesting aspects of the Paper Video project from a dev perspective:

  • QR code generation
  • ‘Jingling’ videos - prepending the Paper Video branding jingle cheaply (ie without re-rendering) to each video using MP4Box
  • Production workflow tools from typesetting to video production
  • Creating Content Access Portals - aka WiFi Boxes - for delivering Paper Video content to rural schools with little or no internet access. The CAPS essentially hold a cache of the Paper Video website. Students connect with computers or phones to the CAP wifi network and are able to browse the Paper Video website and use the PV apps as if they were connected to the internet. Small amounts of data are proxied up to the internet over a cellphone connection so that reporting stats and login sessions are maintained as if online.
  • Creating the Android app in Cordova which allows students to watch the videos from pre-sold SD cards inserted into their phones/tablets, in order to save on data charges or when internet access is limited/unavailable
  • Creating desktop apps for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux using Electron JS to do above on desktops/laptops
  • Sponsor dashboard reporting so that sponsors have insight into how the learners using the resources they’re sponsoring are doing - sponsors can filter according to grades, subjects, resources and schools and see pretty charts that show viewing patterns over time of year and time of day and method of delivery such as whether video was viewed by means of streaming or by watching off an sd card.